Reading Crome Yellow. So far, I like it. I had started with 20,000 Leagues, but it is too stilted for me to read right now.
I must try to think if ways to improve my mood and thoughts. Went for a walk, and started talking about stuff that pissed me off at work today; notably, a customer being a total jerk to one of our newest partners. My conversation ended at the house with how hard it is for me to not be affected by others.
I hate it. It brings me to tears sometimes.
My nook needs to be charged. I am eager to continue reading Crome Yellow.
Apparently there is a good chance that the first Cartier bracelet I bought may not have been a fake. Not that good of a chance though; I find it odd that the service receipt was from November last year, and then 2 months later it makes its way from Japan to Florida to a jewelry shop. Hm. Lots of travel for a little bracelet.
I don’t think I have lost any weight this week. Damn. I don’t want to lose, I want to win the money!

I posted this from my awesome BlackBerry!


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