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Oh Wait, I nearly Forgot…

Why would I want to spend my time with shallow people, or with people that leave me when I need them the most?  Hah.  I so do NOT care.  Yes I was upset earlier, but I gave myself a good talking to.  Basically, with friends like these, who needs enemies?

Wow I feel so much better!


Tired.  Slept really well last night, even with me waking up because of the day gecko tank lighting up at 7:15am and then moving myself to the master bedroom. 

Really excited about my Love bracelet, so happy I got it.  Tempted to see what it would look like on my right wrist.  I think that when I was trying on the bracelets at Cartier back in September, that I had it sized for my right wrist.  Since I am left handed, maybe my wrist is a bit bigger (I just looked at my wrist.  Yep my left is bigger than my right.  Gonna switch it.)

Work was nice.  Sent one of my coworkers home early, so it was just me and the shift.  We got everything done, and it was nice to relax.

a slightly better pic

I posted this from my fucking BlackBerry.

Some People.

Wow that guy was so pissed!  I left neutral feedback about the braceelt not being authentic, and he flipped.  Well, you sell me a fake, with a cleaning receipt as “papers”?

Well, no worries about that.  I told everyone on this forum where the majority of big buyers are anyway that he sells fakes.  I like how he got so pissed.  I got kinda worried though because right after he sent me a nasty message to my Ebay acount, I noticed a number I didn’t recognize but from that area calling me way early in the morning.  Freaking woke me up which is why I am here typing this right now.   It could have been him for all I know.

Here it is.

My Cartier bracelet


Well. I wish I could have kept up my post a day while I was in SF, but no such luck.
Arrived at work an hour early. Go Mondays!
So the Cartier bracelet is authentic. I got so-so service at Cartier on Saturday. I wonder if it was because a woman was helping me. I sometimes wonder about that. But I learned some valuable information. I can get my jewelry steamed for no charge. That’s nice. I wasn’t able to exchange my Trinity ring. It fits, but maybe its better its on the loose side. Sigh.
Well I am going to catch up on my Blackberry and drink my coffee and wake up.

I posted this from my fucking BlackBerry.

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