winter wear

Fits on my left middle finger when it is cold out. I wonder if it will fit on my ring finger in the summer.


Freshly Pressed (via Hugo Baeta)

Awesome tattoos. As a fellow tattoo enthusiast, I know that you must have a huge amount of respect for WordPress in order for you to have it tattooed on you. Nice.

Freshly Pressed Today was an exciting day! I just flew back from NYC, where I’ve been hanging out for a week to meet with my team mates (Team Social FTW). After some well deserved sleep, I headed out to Queen of Hearts tattoo parlor for an appointment with my favorite tattoo artist – Pedro Mascarenhas (yeah… flash website… I know…)- to get some fresh ink in me. As most of you know, I’ve been a WordPress enthusiast for quite some time (2005-ish). WordPress, … Read More

via Hugo Baeta


I slept fairly well, we slept in the back bedroom because quite honestly it is quieter than our master bedroom which overlooks the street.  I forgot to turn off my alram, which went off at 6:30am.  Boo.  I got up, made some coffee (I am ground up the Christmas Espresso and it is decent), and got on the phone with a friend for awhile.  I made myself drink a big glass of water, and after about an hour, I got on the bike and struggled for nearly an hour.  I watched The Big Chill in its entirety.  Interesting.  It made me really want to move back to the East Coast.  Ugh. 

I ate a BIG breakfast.  I had a bowl of Fiber One cereal, and TWO chocolate croissants.  Oi.  Pretty much done eating for the day!

Found out that Cartier is raising its prices AGAIN.  DAMN.  They just raised their prices in December!  I am mad. 

Called my dentist back, wondering when the HELL my ortho is going to see me.  Not pleased.  I have an appointment the 8th, but two of my brackets fell off and I want them back on.  Now.  Now I have a bad feeling that I am going to have to get pissed off at these guys.  If that is the case, then I am also going to change my dentist.  Bah.


Whoops.  Already the next day. 

Well, Then at least I logged in here and blogged that I nearly forgot to blog.


Squeezing One In

Just applied to Tiffany’s.  Hey, if I am going to work for an hourly wage, might as well be somewhere nice.

Gonna have something WOW to show you in…  about 6 months.  Hehe.

That’s it.  I have to be at work at 7:30 am.  Gah!


Gah! Orthodontics piss me off!

I needed to vent about my braces a bit before I go to bed.

I got my braces put on December 11, 2010.  They cost me about $5000.  I had to dip into my investments to pay for them.  I work for Starbucks… I don’t even work a full 40 hours, and I don’t get paid much.  I am supposed to be getting $1200 back from my insurance.  I still haven’t seen it.  That makes me nervous.  Since I have had my braces on, I have returned once a month to get them adjusted.  The first time I came in to get them adjusted, one bracket had fallen off.  The second time I returned to get them adjusted, two brackets had fallen off.  I have yet to return for my next adjustment and already two brackets have fallen off. 

I need to stand up for myself and ask for a stronger glue.  My teeth aren’t terribly crooked, but bad enough to warrant an 18 month stint with braces on.  I am dreading standing up for myself.  I signed up to two braces forums.  Man, I LOVE the internet.  Hopefully I will get my questions answered.  Apparently there is a popular fetish for adults wearing braces?  I suppose.  Could be worse fetishes out there.


Days off go by so quickly. I am very disappointed that I am working Saturday and Sunday morning. I honestly feel that it should be against the law to make people work an entire weekend. Seriously.
So we each had orange juice, coffee, and a chocolate croissant in bed while watching tv. Nice way to start the day! I woke up to pelting rain. Luckily the sun came out a few hours later.
I got onto my exercise bike and I was on there for an hour. It was 5 minutes cycling, 5 minutes for a breather. Yes I am that badly out of shape. So it took me an hour to get 30 minutes of exercise. Fucking sad. I also think I gained a bit more weight back, not sure. I am wearing pants today that a few days ago were a lot damn looser a few days ago. I hate any Fiber One product. Ever since I have been eating my high fiber oatmeal or high fiber cereal, I notice that I get really gassy and my stomach bloats. Ew.
So we met up with a friend we literally haven’t seen in years. We met up at a sushi place. I am now a fan of sushi. Healthy and cheap. I admired her sparkly diamond engagement ring, I listened how she is busting her ass with school and work and her fiance.
Made me think about things. I can do better. Got me pissed off, actually.

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