$50 or $150?

Drama is retarded.  Drama can cause alot of problems.  I recently almost lost a fledgling friendship because of drama.  Luckily we talked things out and we are cool.  Luckily.  People need to learn to ask questions before they shoot their mouths off. 

I can pick out a car for myself (five years and counting) and be relatively happy with it; I can pick out my laptop (3 years and counting) and be happy with it; I can pick out my mp3 player (five years and counting) and be happy with it. 

Not so great with the phones.  But I FINALLY figured it out.  I HATE touchscreens.  I like  a qwerty keyboard.  I like having a good camera on my phone, since it saves the annoyance of carrying around both.  I like Blackberrys.  It only took me FOREVER to figure that out.  My friend sent me her old Blackberry.  It is a Curve 8330.  It is somewhat old.  It does the job; email is superb, texting is awesome, calls are great.  Camera SUCKS.  No wi-fi, so painfully slow internet.  Very loud, clacky keyboard when I am texting. 

So.  I would like to get a newer Blackberry.  For $50, I can get the Curve 3G.  Has wi-fi.  Plus.  Has the same shitty camera as the old one I have.  MINUS.  Still has a clacky keyboard.  Small minus.   For $150, I can get the Bold 9650.  Has wi-fi.  Plus.  Has a very nice camera.  Big PLUS.  Has a quieter keyboard.  Small plus.  The shitty camera on the Curve 3G bugs me.  Gah!  Why can’t they put a better camera in it?  It actually is even WORSE.  At least mine has a flash.  I know, I know… Are they crazy???  I am not sure about that… maybe.  So for $100 more, I get a better camera and a quieter keyboard.  Is it worth it?  The wi-fi is most important.  Camera is pretty important, but not the end of the world.  The keyboard issue doesn’t bother me, but it would be less obtrusive to my long suffering boyfriend.


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