I am so glad Tuesday is almost over

I would really really really love to complain here.  But I won’t.  I am trying to not be angry all the time.  Instead of cursing the darkness, I need to light a match. 

I need to find another job.  After working at Starbucks for 2 1/2 years, it is time to move on to a real job.  I am done being treated with as much respect as a highschooler.  This is the best it is going to get here. 

I was playing with a coworkers newer Blackberry, and it is SO fast!  I was comapring how long it took to load up pages on the internet, and there was no comparison.  Wow.  I am so excited to get my new Blackberry!

Oil light came on today in my car.  So I have to get up early tomorrow and bring it in.  Not fun.


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