I Have A New Phone.

My birthday is tomorrow.  I will be 36.  Wow.  That is freaking old for me.  I don’t feel it.  That is good and that is bad. 

Ugh.  Feel like I might be getting sick.  I hope I won’t be sick for tomorrow.  I am anxious.  I am throwing a party tomorrow, and I wonder how many people are coming.  I hope that I am not going to be disappointed.

Found out some stuff about a friend that upset me greatly and there is nothing I can do.  Nothing.  I am so frustrated.  I cannot help at all, and I hate that.  Sigh.

Um. I love my new phone.  Feels very durable.  I got the Bold 9650.  I heard that the paint on the keys can wear off. I am going to look at my phone very carefully for the next 28 days. 

I am wearing my fave purple hoodie.


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