Stuff To Do.

Today I am not so tired. 

I have posted on this one particular forum a few times about kinda personal stuff because I feel that they would be honest.  I posted in particular about a recent incident and it was interesting to see how people tore me up and judged the heck out of me.  I wonder if people are really this moral in real life?  AmI that out of touch?  I feel like I might be.  I am not sad about it, but I found it interesting that there are so many handbag obsessed women out there with high morals.  Hm.  I guess that stuff goes hand-in-hand.  Some of it was a bit harsh, in my opinion.  I am trying really hard not to focus on the harsher posts, because I don’t want to put myself in a bad mood. 

I need a personal overhaul.

I wonder if who I think I am and I REALLY am are that similar anymore.  I feel like I am really out of touch.  I think that I might want to re-evaluate my morals.  Not that what these posters said was that inspiring, but it did get me to think more about the choices I make in life.  I think that I need to focus more on this.  I am just sad that I am not as great as I thought I was.  I hold my anger about things I can’t change, and I definitely think I talk about myself too much.  How boring.  That’s all I can say about myself right now.


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