Gah! Orthodontics piss me off!

I needed to vent about my braces a bit before I go to bed.

I got my braces put on December 11, 2010.  They cost me about $5000.  I had to dip into my investments to pay for them.  I work for Starbucks… I don’t even work a full 40 hours, and I don’t get paid much.  I am supposed to be getting $1200 back from my insurance.  I still haven’t seen it.  That makes me nervous.  Since I have had my braces on, I have returned once a month to get them adjusted.  The first time I came in to get them adjusted, one bracket had fallen off.  The second time I returned to get them adjusted, two brackets had fallen off.  I have yet to return for my next adjustment and already two brackets have fallen off. 

I need to stand up for myself and ask for a stronger glue.  My teeth aren’t terribly crooked, but bad enough to warrant an 18 month stint with braces on.  I am dreading standing up for myself.  I signed up to two braces forums.  Man, I LOVE the internet.  Hopefully I will get my questions answered.  Apparently there is a popular fetish for adults wearing braces?  I suppose.  Could be worse fetishes out there.


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