Days off go by so quickly. I am very disappointed that I am working Saturday and Sunday morning. I honestly feel that it should be against the law to make people work an entire weekend. Seriously.
So we each had orange juice, coffee, and a chocolate croissant in bed while watching tv. Nice way to start the day! I woke up to pelting rain. Luckily the sun came out a few hours later.
I got onto my exercise bike and I was on there for an hour. It was 5 minutes cycling, 5 minutes for a breather. Yes I am that badly out of shape. So it took me an hour to get 30 minutes of exercise. Fucking sad. I also think I gained a bit more weight back, not sure. I am wearing pants today that a few days ago were a lot damn looser a few days ago. I hate any Fiber One product. Ever since I have been eating my high fiber oatmeal or high fiber cereal, I notice that I get really gassy and my stomach bloats. Ew.
So we met up with a friend we literally haven’t seen in years. We met up at a sushi place. I am now a fan of sushi. Healthy and cheap. I admired her sparkly diamond engagement ring, I listened how she is busting her ass with school and work and her fiance.
Made me think about things. I can do better. Got me pissed off, actually.


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