I slept fairly well, we slept in the back bedroom because quite honestly it is quieter than our master bedroom which overlooks the street.  I forgot to turn off my alram, which went off at 6:30am.  Boo.  I got up, made some coffee (I am ground up the Christmas Espresso and it is decent), and got on the phone with a friend for awhile.  I made myself drink a big glass of water, and after about an hour, I got on the bike and struggled for nearly an hour.  I watched The Big Chill in its entirety.  Interesting.  It made me really want to move back to the East Coast.  Ugh. 

I ate a BIG breakfast.  I had a bowl of Fiber One cereal, and TWO chocolate croissants.  Oi.  Pretty much done eating for the day!

Found out that Cartier is raising its prices AGAIN.  DAMN.  They just raised their prices in December!  I am mad. 

Called my dentist back, wondering when the HELL my ortho is going to see me.  Not pleased.  I have an appointment the 8th, but two of my brackets fell off and I want them back on.  Now.  Now I have a bad feeling that I am going to have to get pissed off at these guys.  If that is the case, then I am also going to change my dentist.  Bah.


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