Several Things

I hate Fiber One products.  Have I mentioned that yet?  They bloat my tummy and I get gassy.  Whoopee. 

Cartier raised its prices AGAIN.  As I suspected, by $500 dollars.  I am going to compose a heartfelt letter to them to STOP.  They JUST raised the prices 3 months ago.  Jeez!

My visit with the orthodontist went well.  I was worried that I wasn’t even going to get an appointment today, but they had returned my call yesterday, saying that they were able to get me in at 10.  I went in, told him how the bracket on my crown has fallen off again for the third time in three months, and he finally suggested a molar band.  A molar band goes around the crown, and it allows for a bracket to stay on.

The link above shows you what exactly a molar band is.  I am glad that it will help keep my bracket on, but I have heard that it hurts quite alot.  Oh well.  So I am going to stay with my ortho.  Hopefully this will be the end of my braces issue.

That’s about it.  Concerned about my weight loss; I need to cut back more.  I kinda have slipped and have eaten too much.  Need to get the weight down.  Sigh.


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