What Am I, Chopped Liver?

Sigh.  Well, I was hoping for a more exciting 6 year anni in August, but it doesn’t look like it is going to happen.  Am I upset?  Yes, a bit.  I was honestly hoping for something “wow”.  There is a slim chance it might still happen.  My boyfriend and I talked, and he just doesn’t want to charge that much on his credit card.  He is too worried that he won’t be able to pay it off.  I understand that. 


I really really wish that he would go be impulsive and romantic, and buy me something that is outrageous.  I even offered to buy him a matching one, in hopes that would make it fun and exciting.  But I have decided that I have given him enough and I deserve this; he doesn’t need anymore impetuous romantic gifts from me.  Now it is my turn.  Honestly, I don’t like how this is going.  Why wouldn’t you want to buy your love of six years something “wow” to announce an engagement?  What does this mean?  I am not worth it?

Got my first scratch on my Blackberry.  Gah!


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