Thursday And I Am Excited…

So first off, I have WordPress on my Blackberry, and even with the new updated WordPress, I STILL have trouble uploading photos!  Gah!  That means I have to email them to myself, and THEN I can post them here.  What a drag.

Had a really short shift today; barely four hours.  Now I have the next two days off, sweet!  One of the first things I am going to do tomorrow is get a dang coffee and pastry from the closest LaBou to me.  I have been wanting to go to one of those places and I always forget.  Then I can cross that off of my list. 

In a good mood, which wasn’t happening for the past couple of days.  Stuff kept pissing me off.  Now that I have two days to look forward to, I am happy.  I have my chai, I am wearing comfy clothes, most likely going to be the very same outfit I wear tomorrow, and that is good with me.  Burning some nummy scented candles, and the tv is off.  Hm.  I think some music would be good… Nah.  I am liking the quiet.  After working in the noise-infestation of Starbucks, it is nice to hear nothing.

My sister sent me a whole bunch of push up bras she didn’t want from Victoria’s Secret a few weeks ago.  Hm.  I don’t normally wear push ups.  But… I am liking them.  Of course, I like them more now that I readjusted the dang straps!  I just put them on, without adjusting for fit or anything, and I was wondering why they were fitting oddly.  I like how “secure” they make me feel.  I know that sounds strange, but they have pushed my breasts up and now my breasts are immobile.  Whoah. 

I have this favorite purple hoodie.  What sucks about it is that it isn’t very warm.  Dang.  Maybe that is what I will get with my Victoria’s Secret gift card that I have been holding onto since Christmas.  A warmer purple hoodie.  The thing is, it is nice for daytime, but right now, I am sitting in a chilly house (not epic freezing level, but chilly), wearing a tank top and this hoodie.  Not feeling very warm.  It is barely keeping the chill off of me.  I actually have the hood pulled up around my face.

I am an auntie!  How odd.  Now I am an aunt.  It’s cool.  SOMEONE in our family had to bear a child eventually!  I am thinking that it might be a good idea to fly over to the East Coast to visit my nephew Nathan.  🙂  We will see.  I need to fly over there soon anyway.  I just don’t have any $$$ to spare.  Sigh.


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