I Am Up!

I woke up around 5:15am.  Oh wells!  Get a jump start to my day.  Hopefully I won’t be too tired; lots of coffee should help!

Found a slightly warmer hoodie in my closet.  But this also tells me that fleece is what is going to work here while I am sitting still, typing away on my laptop, not another hoodie, unless it is super thick.  So hopefully that helps me out in terms of not buying another hoodie.

I need to go through my clothes.  Again.  There is so much that I don’t wear anymore.

I hope that I can continue losing weight.  Seems like I hit the wall on that.  Lost about 8 pounds total.  Even though I had lost more, I regained some from around my birthday, which makes sense.  But, I need to re-focus.  130/135 is my goal.  I need to make it.  Drinking more water is definitely key.

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