Daft Punk Stuck In My Head

Trying to do better at work.  Got positive feedback from my shift supervisor about my performance today, so that made me feel better.  After 6 days of work, I have tomorrow off.  Wow, I just got SO excited just now!  FINALLY,  a day off! 

I had less than 1/8 of a tank today.  After I paid bills and bought an apple corer and apples, I was left with $20 in the bank.  I put $15 in the car tonight after work.  I barely have over 1/4 of a tank with that.  How long will that last me?  I was thinking about going to a friend’s house tomorrow to help clean, but I doubt that is going to happen; I have to conserve my damn gas.  I am also supposed to be seeing them this Saturday, which should happen since I get paid this Friday.  So at least that will happen.  I can honestly say that this is the first time in years that I couldn’t go somewhere because I had to conserve gas.  I worked an extra day this week, so that will give me a little extra $$$. 

I just want to interject that gluten-free brownies by Betty Crocker are DELICIOUS.  Just sayin’.  What’s up with gluten, anyway?  Are we not really supposed to eat too much of that or what?

Got some plans tomorrow.  It involves dyeing my hair (going back to blue-black, the black-brown looks terrible on me), riding my bike, and napping.  Yea.

I have extended the battery life of my Blackberry by like 1000%.  Yea.  Instead of hours, I can go nearly two days.  Rocking the Blackberry, fools!


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