Where Did Spring Go?

I have officially broken up with my old orthodontist.  Now I am waiting for my check.  I spoke to my dentist on Monday, so I hope by next Monday I will have check in hand so that I can move along to my next ortho.  That has been a great weight lifted off of my mind.  You have no idea how much it was dragging me down.  I tried to not let it get to me, but it is hard to not let that happen when you see complete lack of proper orthodontic care and you have paid ALOT of money to see nothing happen. 

I have been focusing on my job more.  I really need this job right now, and as unfair as I might think how I am perceived there, I still need to work smarter.  I hope that some of the shifts will give my manager good feedback about me and that I will at least get bumped back up to a minimum of 30 hours.  I really need that extra pay.  Last week I worked nearly 32 hours, and I am excited to see that little extra in my paycheck.  Every little bit helps. 

So my dad got on the ball about giving me his old Renault.  It is a 1983 Renault Fuego Turbo, and even though I don’t really have the money or the space for it, I will find the money and I will make the space.  It is a piece of my past, a piece of my dad’s past, and I want it badly.  Right now, it needs a tune up, which hopefully won’t cost too much.  Sigh.  So excited.  🙂  This a pic I found online.  Looks just like it. 

I am refocusing on my weight loss.  I haven’t regained any weight, but I am not losing it either.  Now that I am not stressing as much, I am looking forward to losing more weight and getting some new summer clothes!  I feel good about this.  I am drinking green tea lemonades at work.  I am sweetening the drink with Splenda (I know that I mentioned no more artifical shit, but I am going to be drinking alot of these, so I am going back to Splenda on just this), and using half the lemonade.  Green tea is supposed to be very good for you, so this is going to be my new daily Starbucks drink.  I hope it helps.


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