No Fooling, Please.

I just need to share this.

I pick one customer, a regular of ours, and I play a little April Fool’s on her.  She wanted a particular pastry item, which we did have, but when she got to the window, I pretended that we didn’t have it, and asked isf she wanted something different.  So we are chatting as usual, I hand out her drinks, and then I hand her pastries to her, saying, “April Fool’s, we had the pastry you wanted!”   She looks at me, and states how much she hates April Fool’s.  Wow.  And then she tells me why.  Apparently her girlfriend’s mother had died on April Fool’s four years ago.  Well, okay how was I supposed to know that?  She wasn’t pissed at me or anything, she just didn’t react.  Well, we talked a bit more, mainly for me to make sure that she really wasn’t angry, and then she was on her way. 

People seem to really hate April Fool’s.  And Valentine’s Day gets alot of shit.  People don’t really like too many holidays.  Or birthdays, for that matter.  I kinda think that people are getting more and more selfish.  Ew.


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