How’s It Going

Lately I have been wanting to buy stuff.  It has been a kinda tough month.  I have a feeling it will get progressively worse as the months go by, since I have no gift cards to use (I have a bit left on my Barnes and Noble, trying to stretch that one out).  Now that I have no birthdays, no gift cards left, I am down to just getting stuff I need.  This will be interesting.

I got some of my taxes back, and I was going to keep $150 of it to spend when Frank and I go away next week for a night.  But, I am wondering what I will buy.  I am either going to put it towards our overnight trip, or if I see something really interesting.  But… I have lots of jewelry.  What else do I need?  Nothing, really.  I would like a nice pair of summer shoes, like flip flops.  A nice black bag.  That is really it.


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