A Little More About Today

I would like to clarify here that I do not think my manager hates me.  I just don’t think he notices me.  As I was clocking back from my lunch today, he came to the back room to wash a few dishes, and remarked in a surprised tone that he had forgotten I was here.


However, I did notice that towards the end of my shift, he seemed to be more aware that I was there, trying to work my butt off.  There are times that I do not enjoy my job, like when a customer gives me a hard time, or when I have to work a shift that is at a weird time for me.  But most of the time, I do enjoy being there.  I have definitely noticed that since I have started working faster, that the shifts have been more positive towards me.  I do hope that my hours will continue to increase.  30 hours is good, but I would LOVE 40.  I just don’t know if my back can take it.  I noticed today about halfway through my shift that the left side of my back, right below my shoulder blade, started to hurt.  If I stretched it out, the pain would subside, but the fact that I had the pain in the first place got me concerned.  So, I am going to take it real easy for the next two days.  Maybe find myself a masseuse.  Boy do I ever need one.


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