Palo Alto

So, my boyfriend and I decided that it would be better to do a few mini  vacas than only one huge one a year.  Not that we even do that; going to visit family doesn NOT equal a vaca.

But anyways; we only have a few requirements; that it isn’t too far to drive to, that is has at least one interesting thing to look forward to, and that we can bring along Maggie the Chi.

So we drove to Palo Alto, which is home to Stanford University, amongst other things.  It is a very pretty town.  It is also a very wealthy town, which is probably why it is a pretty town.  Also Palo Alto is a pretty dog frinedly town too, which was nice.

Apparently there are some fancy shops here at the mall.

There were beautiful floral displays all over the mall

Stanford Shopping Center

The French Toast was delicious.

Downtown Palo Alto at night

I found another labyrinth!

At one point we had to feed Maggie in the backseat!

The hotel we stayed at was quite nice, it was beautiful on Sunday, but cloudy and drizzly on Monday, so I am glad that we got to do the majority of the stuff we wanted to do on Sunday.

Hopefully we will be able to do it next month.  We will see.  It all depends if we are able to afford it.


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