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Fun With Allergies! Hello, friends! Are you stuffed up, run-down, miserable? Are your allergies something to sneeze at? Had enough of this nasal nonsense? Well buck up, buckers! I have personally collected ideas to push you through pollen season. The answers to all your problems is in this little blog post….. Practice your sneezes This is the perfect opportunity to practice the sweet sound of your sneeze. Vary the pitch, tone, and force of your sneeze. Try a cute … Read More

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I need a do-over.  I am kinda excited by this, actually.  I need to freshen up my look, it has gotten boring.  I need tees that I like looking at, clothes that are comfortable, bags made of vegan leather, go back to wearing black eyeliner, see how long I can grow my hair.


Lacking Originality (via bang | Photography)

Lacking Originality Lacking Originality, originally uploaded by bang*. Day 140 / 365 So I finally got some time to head out and give the Fuji x100 a real workout today, off I headed to nearby Harrogate. Lucky me headed straight into the rain, now I said the fuji needed a workout but i'm not quite ready to test it's water repellency just yet. Spotted this shot and despite the voice in my head screaming at me not to shoot such a cliche fired off a quick frame before w … Read More

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A Quickie

I made $25 my limit for a Coach bag on Ebay.  Someone actually outbid me, I was honestly surprised.  That’s ok, I discovered yesterday that there is a plethora of affordable cute vegan bags made by companies like Roxy and such, and I will use my $25 to buy one of those.  Zappos is evil, by the way.

Had a very relaxing day.  Found two pairs of flips (Memorial Day sale, 2 for $10) so I am good to go with that.  Did a whole bunch of other stuff, like watched Hangover 2, but I just realized I have to be in bed in less than 15 minutes, so I have to go!

So glad I have the next day off

I put in a max bid of $25  two days ago for a fraying black and white Carly bag, and with six days to go, it has climbed up to $21 already.  Wow.  Maybe I will go crazy and do $30.  We will see.

Did a little revamping of one listing that I have on Etsy.  I realized that the starfish necklace had the wrong pic as the first pic, and a terribly bare bones description.  I also spruced my DarkMuse Designs page on Facebook a bit too.  If I want stuff to sell, I need to put it out there.  Pretty much everytime I am online, I need to promote.

Today was a long day at Starbucks.  I like working,  it gives me something to do, haha.

I have this bad feeling that I gained alot of the weight back that I had lost so rapidly as a result of getting my braces first on back in December.  I was freaking starving all the time…

Going to try a little running.  See if that helps.

Figuring Stuff Out

I put in a bid for another Coach Carly bag.  It has the fraying and all that, but it is in black, and I want to keep this one.  Either that or I will turn it in, but I really liked it, just hated the brown leather and siggy.

I have been trying to figure out why I am so damn tired.  Here is what happened:  I went to bed at midnight, woke up around 7am, went back to sleep, and kinda flopped around until 10am.  I got up, had a bowl of honey nut cheerios, drank a glass of water, put away about two loads of laundry, and started a third.  I watched the entire Shaun OF THe Dead, which I have wanted to see forever, and I really enjoyed it.  Frank brought me home 4 chocolate covered donut holes, which I ate.  They were quite tiny and cute.  Then for lunch, I made myself 2 peanut butter-honey-banana sammiches.  I use PB2, which is a super low cal peanut butter, and I use those Sarah Lee sandwich thins.  Each sammich got half of a banana.  Then after a bit, I drove to the post office and shipped off a bracelet that I had sold, and then came straight back.  It was then that I started yawning.  What the french toast?  I had slept 10 hours!  Well, not straight, but still…  I was trying to drink as much water as I could before I went to work; I managed to drink at least a big glass and a half.  I also made sure to take my multi vitamin, my flaxseed supplement, and my fiber supplement.  I took a shower, and then fed Bart and went to work, yawning.

It is annoying.  Starbucks is a fast paced job, and when I am tired, it is doubly hard to keep up the pace.  So I feel so ugh when I get to work, because I worry that the work day will draaag and I hate that.

So I am cutting out the white stuff for a week.  I know it is going to help… I know it is because I eat too much bread and sugar.  Oi.  I need to cut out that garbage… I am getting fed up with getting tired right before I have to be at work.  Sigh.

I am also hoping to decide on where to go this August.  It looks like Frank might be taking summer classes, and I wonder how that is going to affect travelling to the East Coast.  I am getting a bit antsy now, since it is almost June, and I want to get the dates for the trip down and done.  Now it looks like I might end up going to NJ after all.  I don’t mind; actually, I really would prefer that, but I thought going to FL would be more vacation-ey.  Sigh.  We will see.

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