This is a bag from Caoch that I am liking alot.  Not the color… I gotta realize I am a black bag/ hoodie girl, but I like the style.

I like this one better.  Really hoping to see this one.

This one is pretty nice.

I am really liking this one too.

One of these bags will break my ban.  Sorry ban.  This is the kind of bag from Coach that I was looking for, and I wasted my money on the other ones.  Well, not ALL of my money was wasted…

I also really need to remember to put on a little brow powder and mascara.  My face is just not cutting bare anymore.  I was amazed hwo much better I looked with just a little makeup.  And what is up with my rosy cheeks?  This is something new.  Looks like… rosacea.  Hm.


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