Taking A Chance!

Yesterday we were out, trying to enjoy our one day off as much as we could.

Wow, was it in bad condition; filthy, and there were areas where the signature fabric was wearing out.  It wasn’t even a color I would ever wear; it was brown.  Yet… Being the Coachie that I am (apparently that is the term for people really into Coach, I dunno), and the extraordinary amount of time that I have spent on the Purse Forum, I knew a couple of things, right off the bat: one, this was an authentic Coach bag named the “Carly”, two, there was a good chance that it could clean up real well, and three… and this is the best part… if I could manage to clean it up a bit, I knew, for a fact, that I could bring it into my local Coach boutique, point out  the manufacturing defect of the fraying around the top of the body of the bag, and because nearly ALL of the Carly bags have had this issue, be pretty much guaranteed that once they sent it in to Coach headquarters to assess the damage that I would receive a 40% off coupon to use and keep the bag, or receive full credit for the original price of the bag and thusly use that towards a brand new bag.

Why would this happen?

Well, one of the reasons why I love Coach, is that for the price that you pay for a bag, whether it be full price at the boutique, or on sale at the Coach Factory store, ALL Coach bags have a lifetime warranty against normal wear and tear.  The Carly bag was NOT supposed to wear and tear like it did, so a good number of women that had purchased this bag had the same issue of fraying.

Like this:

Actually, a former coworker of mine had the larger Carly, and last year, I took a look at her bag while on my lunch break one day, and noticed this fraying happening on her bag.  I told her a bunch of times to bring it in to her local Coach boutique, that they would help her out since that bag was not supposed to wear like that.  She balked at the idea, saying that she had bought it at the Coach Factory store on sale, that she didn’t mind, so on and so forth.  Well, a month or so went by, and then she came into work one day, she told me that she finally did go into the boutique, and they sent her bag out for repair (which costs $20, but I am willing to risk it).  It turns out that it was not able to be repaired (which I knew that was what they were going to say), and they gave her a credit towards the FULL original price of the bag, which was like… $300 or so?  She was quite happy, and said she not only got a brand new bag, but had money left over to buy a wallet!  I was very happy for her.

Let’s hope that I get that lucky.  This is the smaller Carly, so I won’t get as much, but we will see.  I already tossed it into the washing machine on the delicate cycle, and though it is still wet, it already looks a million times better.  I just didn’t want to bring it into Coach filthy!  So, sometime this wekk I will pop into the boutique.

I am going to keep my fingers crossed.


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