Today was Superhero Day at work for Spirit Week.  I got to wear a bright pink cape ALL day.  I am kinda excited for tomorrow, because it is Sport Day, and I am going to wear my only sport team tee: Sacred City Derby.  My tattoos will be showing, but one of my coworkers for Beach/Hawaii Day on Monday wore shorts without covering his tattoo on his calf, so why can’t I do the same?

Feeling kinda paranoid, wondering if other people read my blog.  People that would cause me to edit what I type here.

Went to the Coach store at Arden Fair today, and I showed them my Coach bag that is frayed at the top.  They offered me a 40% coupon towards anything in the store.  I floundered, because I had expected to be offered a credit like the others had posted in the Purse Forum and also as told to me by a former coworker.  So I lost my nerve, and let it go at that.  Dang.  I HATE it when I lose my nerve.  I sent a message to a TPFer that had sent me a message suggesting that I get the credit, and she told me they had told her the same thing until she said that her friend had gotten a credit.  Hah.  So THAT’S how it works.  Ugh.  The Coach boutique closer to me is re-opening the 20th of this month, so I think I might sit tight and try improving my assertiveness skills there.  Unless I get too antsy.  Then I might go back and try again at the store that my favorite SA works at.  I just don’t want to potentially upset him by rejecting that 40% coupon offer and getting the store credit.  But… I paid $16 for this bag, and even though a 40% off coupon is nice, and I would save ALOT, I would still like to get the full credit.  I am thinking… $250, maybe $300 tops?  I have no idea how much the smaller Carly bag cost back when it was brand new.


I hate having to push for something.  I just need to find a nice, non-insulting, yet assertive way to say it.


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