It is amazing how an 8 hour shift at Starbucks is like a 10 hour shift somewhere else.  I remember I used to have jobs that I wasn’t exhausted after I clocked off.  But, it’s not that big of a deal; just that sometimes it seems to drag.  Last night, after having one of the BEST weekends ever, I sat bolt upright on the couch.  HOLY CROW, I was scheduled to work 9:30 to 6 on the 21st.  That is Rebecca’s wedding!  What the hell?  I had purposely put in a request months ago to make sure that I got that day off.

I walk into work today, and discover that the schedule cannot be changed, and that I am going to have to make a bunch of calls to get my shift covered.  Sigh.  Just another mental note to keep to myself.  Of course, I am deep in anxious thought, trying to figure out how to make it to her wedding.  One coworker asked me what was up, and she persisted, so I told her my concerns about getting the day that I requested off covered so that I could go to my friend’s wedding.  Later on in my shift, another coworker asked me what was wrong, so I just took a breath and told her.  You see, I HATE bringing up my problems at work.  I made the grave mistake of saying a few things here and there in the beginning, and now I regret that and try to keep to myself as much as possible.  My problem is, I am terrible at hiding my stress.  But then again, when you are working for 8 hours in very close quarters with your coworkers, I feel that it is near impossible to keep it completely under wraps.  It turned out that she was able to offer me a solution.  Her boyfriend was looking for some more work, and he was free to cover my shift.  WOW.  I just don’t know how to act in this place.  Sometimes I feel like I blab too much and that I am annoying them, sometimes I feel like they want to be friendly.  I just don’t know, and that stresses me out.

So my friend texted me, urging me to apply online for the job position as a records specialist.  She informed me that she had made it a point to refer me specifically to the guy doing the hiring, and to not only apply online at the Heald site, but to also email him directly.  She also gave me his direct number, I am going to call him tomorrow morning.  Yay!!!  Wow I would love to get this job.  I need a change.


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