Figuring Stuff Out

I put in a bid for another Coach Carly bag.  It has the fraying and all that, but it is in black, and I want to keep this one.  Either that or I will turn it in, but I really liked it, just hated the brown leather and siggy.

I have been trying to figure out why I am so damn tired.  Here is what happened:  I went to bed at midnight, woke up around 7am, went back to sleep, and kinda flopped around until 10am.  I got up, had a bowl of honey nut cheerios, drank a glass of water, put away about two loads of laundry, and started a third.  I watched the entire Shaun OF THe Dead, which I have wanted to see forever, and I really enjoyed it.  Frank brought me home 4 chocolate covered donut holes, which I ate.  They were quite tiny and cute.  Then for lunch, I made myself 2 peanut butter-honey-banana sammiches.  I use PB2, which is a super low cal peanut butter, and I use those Sarah Lee sandwich thins.  Each sammich got half of a banana.  Then after a bit, I drove to the post office and shipped off a bracelet that I had sold, and then came straight back.  It was then that I started yawning.  What the french toast?  I had slept 10 hours!  Well, not straight, but still…  I was trying to drink as much water as I could before I went to work; I managed to drink at least a big glass and a half.  I also made sure to take my multi vitamin, my flaxseed supplement, and my fiber supplement.  I took a shower, and then fed Bart and went to work, yawning.

It is annoying.  Starbucks is a fast paced job, and when I am tired, it is doubly hard to keep up the pace.  So I feel so ugh when I get to work, because I worry that the work day will draaag and I hate that.

So I am cutting out the white stuff for a week.  I know it is going to help… I know it is because I eat too much bread and sugar.  Oi.  I need to cut out that garbage… I am getting fed up with getting tired right before I have to be at work.  Sigh.

I am also hoping to decide on where to go this August.  It looks like Frank might be taking summer classes, and I wonder how that is going to affect travelling to the East Coast.  I am getting a bit antsy now, since it is almost June, and I want to get the dates for the trip down and done.  Now it looks like I might end up going to NJ after all.  I don’t mind; actually, I really would prefer that, but I thought going to FL would be more vacation-ey.  Sigh.  We will see.


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