So glad I have the next day off

I put in a max bid of $25  two days ago for a fraying black and white Carly bag, and with six days to go, it has climbed up to $21 already.  Wow.  Maybe I will go crazy and do $30.  We will see.

Did a little revamping of one listing that I have on Etsy.  I realized that the starfish necklace had the wrong pic as the first pic, and a terribly bare bones description.  I also spruced my DarkMuse Designs page on Facebook a bit too.  If I want stuff to sell, I need to put it out there.  Pretty much everytime I am online, I need to promote.

Today was a long day at Starbucks.  I like working,  it gives me something to do, haha.

I have this bad feeling that I gained alot of the weight back that I had lost so rapidly as a result of getting my braces first on back in December.  I was freaking starving all the time…

Going to try a little running.  See if that helps.


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