My first Passion Party. Ever.

Have you ever been to a passion party?  I mean, I know what it is about, but I have never been invited to one.  Well, I kinda sorta invited myself, but that is beside the point…

I heard through the grapevine that one of my coworkers was hosting a Passion Party.  I had always wanted to go to one, and I expressed an interest once I heard about it.  I was pretty excited to go!

It was very interesting.  The woman that was the passion consultant was quite approachable.  What I liked the most about all this was that we were able to try things, taste things, and watch things buzz in our hands.  You can’t do that at a sex shop!  Also, the other guests would contribute their feedback on certain products if they have tried them before, and that was also really helpful.  It was a friendly party, and I even bought some stuff, which honestly, was a surprise to me!  I couldn’t believe it, but when a coworker of yours speaks up about how great that certain product is, shoot…. You know she is being honest!  I am SO excited for this stuff to arrive.  I have never been so excited about stuff like this before (I wonder if this Depo shot has lifted my spirits a bit…)!

So my final verdict is… GO if someone invites you!  I had lots of fun, and when I can afford to go again, I will!


The 20 Most Rewatchable Movies of All-Time (via About Writing – The Personal Blog of Pace J Miller)

The 20 Most Rewatchable Movies of All-Time There are some films that, for one reason or another, have an extremely high 'rewatchability quotient' (as I like to call it). You know, one of those movies that you happen to come across one night on TV when you have nothing better to do, and you end up watching till the end (even when there's something else on that you haven't seen before) – and you still found it enjoyable and not a waste of time. Or if you have it on DVD, you might whip it ou … Read More

via About Writing – The Personal Blog of Pace J Miller

to the man with the empty grande cup

Dear sir:
You were so terribly rude to me on Monday. When you brought in your used grande cup, I incorrectly assumed you wanted a refill. Your pissed off response of “no, I want a TALL coffee” was unnecessary. Then when I positively commented on how cool it was that you were re-using your cup, your sarcastic “yeah” coupled with you bobbing your head like a chicken was a figurative slap in the face.
So fuck off and go spread your misery somewhere else.


I wonder how long it is going to take for Penelope and my mom to fucking realize that they have really hurt my feelings.  I am sad that it has been as long as it has been and nothing.

the purse forum

I really enjoy hanging out on the purse forum. I have learned so much from these people (mostly women) that post on here.
I realize that I am running with a crowd that spends a lot on stuff. I am interested in getting this simple little necklace from Van Cleef & Arpels. This little necklace is going to cost a lot, especially with all the price increases. That’s why I am buying a VCA look alike for $18 and I am going to wear that until February, when my birthday rolls around. If I still want it then, then I will get it.
I am reading this post on the Purse Forum about how this person bought what she wanted from VCA to beat the price increase on July 1st. She spent $12,000.00. Holy fuck! MAN that is totally out of my universe. And I am ok with that. I like the universe I am in with my little VCA necklace.


There were some pivotal moments in my life when I made changes.  Sometimes, I had wished that I had made smarter choices.  I do not believe that I would have changed…  Rather, I think that I would have been a better version of myself.  I think that I am too nice.  And by too nice, I mean that I do not put my foot down when I should have.  I think that I would have garnered much more respect from people if I had; instead, I was more afraid of losing their approval/friendship, so I took the easier path.  Which, turns out, is not the easier path.  At least, not in the long run.

I must remember that my thoughts and beliefs are good.  If someone in my life doesn’t believe so, and doesn’t think I am awesome, then I gotta tell them to fuck off.  I much rather have only one good person in my life than many false ones.  I need to stop suspending what I like and what makes me “me” and pick all of that back up.  If people don’t like it, then… well, I have said it before.  I am a dark, creepy, morbid girl who also likes cupcakes.  Get over it.

I will pipe up everytime someone I know says or does something in front of me that I don’t like.  If it continues to happen, then maybe we won’t hang out anymore.  My tolerance for other’s stupidity has pretty much been almost completely depleted.  My personal health, emotionally, physically, and mentally is more important that putting up with small-minded people.

I must have more confidence in my thoughts and beliefs.  Just because no one else approves, does not mean that I am wrong.  I am fucking 36 years old; if I don’t have any confidence in what I am doing with my life now, then I will never get it.

I will stop overthinking shit.  I will think about it, do something about it, or don’t do something about it, and then LET IT GO.  I am so done with my mind rehashing the same shit over and over.  Yes, shit has happened in the past,  but I made a choice to stick with certain things, even when it was rough, and I need to look forward now, instead of falling back on the past like an overused IOU card.

Jeez, it’s CHEVY’S!

I got invited to a coworker’s birthday dinner.  It was pretty interesting.  I was 1 of 16 that was sitting at a table at Chevy’s.  I guess a party of 16 was kinda hard for the servers at Chevy’s to handle, since they made my dinner incorrectly, and totally forgot the boyfriend of the birthday girl’s dinner.  He ended up getting his for free, which was cool of them.  I knew half of the people, since they we coworkers.  The other half I had no clue who they were, but I made a valiant attempt at being friendly, and they seemed to repsond pretty well.  One of my coworkers has a very VERY loud laugh, which I am used to, but apparently some fellow diners in the restaurant were not.

This elderly woman came up to our table as she was leaving, and told us how annoying and loud we were, and how it was probably the alcohol we were drinking, and how it ruined her dinner experience.  The birthday girl’s boyfriend immediately told her off, saying that this was a special birthday dinner, that this was Chevy’s, for crying out loud, and that she had no right to come up to the table and say what she said.

I was impressed.  I gave him a high five after she scuttled away.  I know we were a bit loud, but it wasn’t constantly.  I guess she had a right to complain to us, but jeez it was CHEVY’S.

So I decided that I will get myself the VCA necklace for my birthday, if I still want it by then.  For now, I am going to wear a close copy from Etsy.

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