Feather Extensions, anyone?

Taken right as I got into my car after getting the feathers put in!


A close up of the feather extension


I pulled some of my hair back to show the feathers


How it will look day to day.


So I got feathers put into my hair today.  I got what is termed a “bunch”, which is five feathers in one spot.  It cost $5 per feather.  They should last quite awhile.  Once they fall out or grow out too far, the salon I went to charges $5 to fix them up again.

I learned that the particular feathers that they use for the feather extensions are quite skinny and flexible.  So, next time that I pick out my feathers, I will pick the widest ones I can.  A “bunch” barely makes a dent in my hair.  I do have alot of hair, so that is probably why; also, I picked a subtle shade against my black hair, so it doesn’t”pop” too much, but I did that so that I don’t get in trouble at work.

I also learned that the feathers are collected in a manner that the chickens do not usually survive.  That isn’t cool with me, but luckily I found a seller on Etsy that sells cruelty-free feathers that are collected after the birds molt them.  So when it comes time to get more of these put in, I will bring those in and have them put the cruelty-free ones in instead.

I really like these alot.  I know that they are trendy and all, but I see myself wearing these long after the trend dies.

Here is where I am going to get my feathers from now on.  They are a bit pricier, but I am willing to pay it knowing that there wasn’t a dead chicken on the other end of the feather.



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