Wednesday, woo.

I am upset with my family members, and it is infuriating how they just move ahead and act like nothing is wrong.  They continue to make promises to come out and yet they break their promises everytime.  It has been going on for 5 1/2 years now, and I have reached the end of my rope.

After discussing this with a friend of mine, I am currently ignoring my family.  Ever since I learned that they weren’t going to meet up with me and Frank in Florida, I have not responded to my mum’s voicemails or to my sister’s texts.  This is hard for me, because my mum has left voicemails saying that she wants to fly out in October.  My sis has been leaving friendly texts.  I so badly want them to visit me.  But… it has been so many years.  Why now?  I cannot stand another disappointment.

Today I have been keeping myself busy.  I ran a few errands, and now I am going to pay off some bills.  I have work tonight, and hopefully a good cup of coffee and some mindless tasks will help.


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