On a light note, I exchanged my eyeliner and mascara today.  I discovered that Urban Decay not only does no animal testing, but they also make vegan cosmetics.  Also, the eggplant eyeliner was just too damn dark.  It made my eyes look small, which is NOT an attractive feature.  So I bought an Urban Decay shadow pencil in the shade titled Sin.  A super light metallic pinky something.  Totally the opposite.

On a heavier note, my sister finally realized that I am ignoring her.  It took her almost a week to realize that I am.  It is hard.  I am afraid that this will totally alienate my family forever… I know that may or may not be true, but that is how I feel.  It was suggested to me that I continue to ignore them until I gain their respect.  Sigh.  I am afraid that may never happen.  That is what I am worried about.




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