Jeez, it’s CHEVY’S!

I got invited to a coworker’s birthday dinner.  It was pretty interesting.  I was 1 of 16 that was sitting at a table at Chevy’s.  I guess a party of 16 was kinda hard for the servers at Chevy’s to handle, since they made my dinner incorrectly, and totally forgot the boyfriend of the birthday girl’s dinner.  He ended up getting his for free, which was cool of them.  I knew half of the people, since they we coworkers.  The other half I had no clue who they were, but I made a valiant attempt at being friendly, and they seemed to repsond pretty well.  One of my coworkers has a very VERY loud laugh, which I am used to, but apparently some fellow diners in the restaurant were not.

This elderly woman came up to our table as she was leaving, and told us how annoying and loud we were, and how it was probably the alcohol we were drinking, and how it ruined her dinner experience.  The birthday girl’s boyfriend immediately told her off, saying that this was a special birthday dinner, that this was Chevy’s, for crying out loud, and that she had no right to come up to the table and say what she said.

I was impressed.  I gave him a high five after she scuttled away.  I know we were a bit loud, but it wasn’t constantly.  I guess she had a right to complain to us, but jeez it was CHEVY’S.

So I decided that I will get myself the VCA necklace for my birthday, if I still want it by then.  For now, I am going to wear a close copy from Etsy.


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