the purse forum

I really enjoy hanging out on the purse forum. I have learned so much from these people (mostly women) that post on here.
I realize that I am running with a crowd that spends a lot on stuff. I am interested in getting this simple little necklace from Van Cleef & Arpels. This little necklace is going to cost a lot, especially with all the price increases. That’s why I am buying a VCA look alike for $18 and I am going to wear that until February, when my birthday rolls around. If I still want it then, then I will get it.
I am reading this post on the Purse Forum about how this person bought what she wanted from VCA to beat the price increase on July 1st. She spent $12,000.00. Holy fuck! MAN that is totally out of my universe. And I am ok with that. I like the universe I am in with my little VCA necklace.


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