The obligatory courtesy smile (via Zoe Says)

The obligatory courtesy smile Humans are such funny creatures. We have all these social niceties and some of the "rules" in place are rather odd. Something I wish didn't need to exist is that weird smile – sometimes an accompanying nod – that you give to people (namely, acquaintances or office mates) where you flatten your lips and smile tightly as you pass each other by. It looks like this: [caption id="attachment_1863" align="aligncenter" width="267" caption="Thanks to Kevi … Read More

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mr. sandman

In bed. Got to be at work by 6:30am tomorrow. I actually almost don’t care. I guess it only took 3 years of working here for me to stop being so negative about early am shifts.

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I am excited for my trip next week.  In exactly one week, I will be on VACATION!

I am painfully aware of all the price increases at my favorite shops.  I have been interested in one piece, in particular from Van Cleef, and at first I was going to buy it for myself for my birthday.  Then the price increase occurred earlier this month, and then I heard a rumour that there was going to be another price increase in October.  Since the sales tax is lower in Florida, I had decided to buy my piece during my vaca.

I have almost 100% convinced myself to wait until my birthday, unless there is an actual price increase before then, not some rumour.  It would really be better timing then, and also more appropriate.

I am trying to put off the pricey things I want until a more appropriate time, like my birthday.  I realy need to hold off, and that way if I still want it by the time my birthday rolls around, then I will have no problem getting it.

I am concerned that I might buy it for the sake of liking it and not loving it.  And I gotta love it.


Had a good long talk with someone today.  Made me think about things that I really don’t want to think about, but things that I had to.

My family is going to be the way they are.  I need to make a decision as to how I am going to handle it, since I certainly can’t ask them to change…  Sitting around, getting pissed off isn’t doing me any good.  I don’t want to be completely cut off from them, they are all I have, and there was a time that I feel things were better… I am going to write a letter to my mom.

If I want to buy pricey pieces of jewelry, then I am going to need to stop using my investments to pay for them.  If I want them then I pay for them or put them on my credit card and deal with the finance charges.  Making this decision makes me feel alot better.  I have one very expensive thing to pay off… That one is going to be a bitch, but it will be worth it.

I guess that’s all for now…

Oh and I am going to talk to my manager about stepping back up to being a shift lead again.  Might as well.

two days off

So let’s see.
I got my brows done, got Maggie’s nails cut, saw my newly engaged friends for dinner, did a little grocery shopping, and put away my laundry.
That’s all I was able to accomplish for the past 2 days.

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Are You In Or Are You Out?

Today was interesting.  After working for five days straight (which may not seem like much, but remember, I work at Starbucks.  I bust my ass.), I was looking forward to sitting at home today and relaxing.

Well that didn’t happen.

I got a call today about my Benefit appointment tomorrow, it happened to be the girl I usually go to, and we got into a discussion about what happened to me last week and how i got “bumped” out of line.  She insisted that I come in today, so that she could take care of me, which she did.  On my way there, I stopped and got some coffee, and said hello to a couple of people.

She did a fantastic job on my brows, and I wandered around the mall for a few minutes, mainly because it was air conditioned and I didn’t want to rush back home quite yet.  I get a call from a friend, I sit to chat, and before I know it,  I need to head home so that I can grab Maggie and get her nails done.  Then I see I am about to run out of gas.  Then I realize I need to stop at the bank.

I get home, see Frank for a bit, and then plop on the couch.  I am so tired.  I try to close my eyes for a few, with no success.  Then I get up and make my way back out to meet up with my friend who just got engaged to have dinner.  By the time I make it home, I realize that I have spent the whole day out.

So after I finish typing this blog, I am changing into some bed clothes, and calling it a night.

And I am NOT going out tomorrow.  I need to fucking rest.  I am so fucking tired from work… Everything I did today was in a haze.


I received TWO Coach invites today.  However, I am giving them away.  Why?  Well, for a few reasons… One, I have plenty of Coach bags, and if they ever do come out with a super awesome bag, then I will think about it… but for right now, I am trying to sell some, for crying out loud!

Second, I am working on no longer buying leather, and that is going to be hard.  EVERYTHING designer is made of leather, except for Matt and Nat and Stella McCartney.  Stella is ridiculous, price-wise.

Third, I have a trip to Florida coming up, and if things go as planned, I might be buying my VCA piece there.  Maybe.  There is a rumour that the prices are going up AGAIN in October (they just went up this month), and I don’t want to bear the brunt of another price hike.

I was sorely tempted last night to buy a Matt & Nat bag that I really liked online at Zappos, but I didn’t.  I mean, I have my Florida trip, damnit!  What the heck am I doing?  Bah.

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