the last time i was in a fancy shop and i was totally unprepared

I visited L.A. Last summer for a few days alone. While I was wandering around L.A., I walked to Beverly Hills to check out the Rodeo Drive shops. I didn’t pack or bring anything fancy; even the purse I brought was a knockoff Coach. And… It was a rare heat wave in L.A., and so I was very sweaty and bedraggled by the time I made it onto Rodeo Drive.
I had heard about Van Cleef & Arpels from a bunch of folks online at tPF, so I decided to pop inside when I caught sight of the Rodeo Drive shop.
I opened the door, walked inside, and immediately I noticed a few things: one, I was the only customer in the store, two, it felt like a museum with the muted colors and total soundproofing, and three, I felt totally out of place. I took a look at some cufflinks, and when the gloved lady quoted me some prices, I nearly keeled over. I managed to muddle my way through a bit longer, and then escaped out to the heat.


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