Time To Pay The Credit Card Piper

So I almost slipped out of working out.  Right now I have completed two sets, and resting while I get ready for my third.

I hate working out so much.

But I need to do it.

Today was pretty busy, at least the first half of it.  I got my package from VCA which was VERY awesome, my necklace is very purty.  I got up a little on the early side this morning, made a cup of joe, and read the latest issue of The Economist on my front step.  The morning air was still quite cool, and it was nice to sit out there.  I think I am going to do it again tomorrow when I wake up.  While I was out there reading, Fed Ex showed up (wasn’t even 9 yet)and yay my package from VCA!  Went to Kaiser to get my Depo shot soon after.  I have changed my health insurance, so we will no longer be going to Kaiser as of October.  I am a little sad about it.  The medical office that we went to was right down the road, and it was a shiny new building with shiny new employees and shiny new conveniences.  But we were paying $251 a month.  That is going to drop by $100 a month with the new health insurance I picked out, and the only real difference is that my chiropractor visits will cost a bit more, and I will have less visits per year.  Kinda sad about that, but at least I will still be able to go once a month (right now I go twice a month).  Then I kinda hung around the house, checking on bills and organizing papers until it was time to go to Macy’s.  I had to return some bedsheets I had bought and got my brows done.  I also bought myself a couple of things from Benefit, but… Ima gonna return them.  Can’t afford what Benefit charges for mascara and a pore complexion thingy.  I will hit up Walmart for that.  Then we scooted over to the mechanics, and on the way there my anxiety is rising, as is my irritability, because I just had the car there about a week ago, spent about $1000 for an oil change, a transmission flush, rear brakes, and a new gas cap.  And the check engine light had come back on.  So luckily, I can drive the car for awhile, but it is going to have to go in the shop eventually.  This past month I have ABUSED my credit card.  If I had my way I would be eating macaroni and cheese every night, and I wouldn’t leave the house for months until I had made some headway on the amount due on my card.  Sigh.

Then once I got home, my anxiety level slowly lowered,  and now i am chill, especially since I don’t have to be at work until 3ish tomorrow, so I get another day to sleep in.  Then I have Sunday off, and that will be awesome.




If a friend comes to you upset about something, the nice thing to do is to offer sympathy.  If you do not share the relevance of the situation, that doesn’t mean it is ok to say “Oh don’t get so upset, it’s nothing.”

Regardless of what the situation is, if they are truly upset, then you need to acknowledge their feelings.  It is as simple as that..

Day Off Already Planned Out. :)

After 5 days of work, I am looking forward to a much appreciated day off tomorrow.  Sadly, I am going to be busy again.  I was kinda hoping to chill, and do a few “good” things, but here is how my day is looking:

  • Expecting a few packages.  Two of them I have no idea when they are showing up, though tomorrow seems like about the time they should be here.  The third package will definitely be here, but I have no idea when.
  • Have a doctor’s appointment at 9:30 am.  That won’t take long.
  • Finally getting my brows done at Benefit tomorrow at 12:30.  It has been six weeks; long overdue.  They look unkempt.
  • I have to drop my car off again!  The damn check engine light showed up again last night.  I am reluctant to take the car to the shop tomorrow until  package #3 gets here.  Package #3 is a very expensive package, and someone needs to be home to accept it, and I will be SO mad if I am not there to get it.  So I am not dropping my car off until Package #3 shows up.  Sorry car.

And that’s about it.

Bad Timing.

I have sent back my necklace that I bought at VCA.  I am exchanging it for a slightly larger sized one.  I am very worried now because there is a hurricane blowing in Florida, and I really hope that my package doesn’t get lost.


A Permanent Relationship With Words: Literary Tattoos (via Amanda Rudd’s Blog)

I am planning on getting literary tattoos next… Definitely some phrases that are well loved.

A Permanent Relationship With Words: Literary Tattoos This is the first official post for the newly-instated "Free-For-All Fridays." It's a funny coincidence.  On Tuesday Clay talked about being "Tatted Up" on his blog EduClaytion.  Of course, his story is about receiving a few temporary tattoos from his niece, but still.  Tattoos.  Major coincidence, because I’ve planning to write a blog about tattoos all week. Let me begin by saying I don’t have any tattoos, but I am endlessly fascinated by them.  … Read More

via Amanda Rudd's Blog

What’s The Sleeping Issue

I woke up an hour  before my alarm, and I have a long shift today, with no chance of leaving early.

This not sleeping well issue is really starting to bug me.  I am getting exhausted.


Waste of my day off.

I am so angry.  I wasted 4 hours (it would have been 5 if I had allowed them to keep me any longer… who knows? maybe 6 HOURS) at Heald College to find out it is going to take over two years (I will only be able to do three classes per quarter, or maybe only two, depending on how intensive they are, since I can’t do less hours at my job or quit my job) to become a medical biller.  And $35,000.00.  Really?  And who knows if I would be able to find a job in NJ once I moved back, because I fucking have to move back as soon as Frank is done with school, because my mom lives alone and is starting to have trouble living on her own, and I cannot expect my sister to take on all the responsibility.

Honestly, I would highly recommend this over going to fucking Sierra or Sac State, because I do honestly believe that this is the way to go in life.  I think that it is much better than regular  fucking college.  If I can convince Frank to go here instead, he will be MUCH better off.

But it is a waste for me.  I will have to wait until I move back to NJ.

My first day off since I have been back from vacation, and it has been nothing but fucking stress all day, with dropping my car off, with Frank being in a bad mood, with being so fucking tired and only squeezing in a useless 45 minute nap, and then rushing back to get my car, and cry inside as i hand over my credit card to pay for a huge bill, and then driving to Heald with high hopes, after 4 hours those hopes were dashed, and I was left with less than I had before.

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