Day Off Already Planned Out. :)

After 5 days of work, I am looking forward to a much appreciated day off tomorrow.  Sadly, I am going to be busy again.  I was kinda hoping to chill, and do a few “good” things, but here is how my day is looking:

  • Expecting a few packages.  Two of them I have no idea when they are showing up, though tomorrow seems like about the time they should be here.  The third package will definitely be here, but I have no idea when.
  • Have a doctor’s appointment at 9:30 am.  That won’t take long.
  • Finally getting my brows done at Benefit tomorrow at 12:30.  It has been six weeks; long overdue.  They look unkempt.
  • I have to drop my car off again!  The damn check engine light showed up again last night.  I am reluctant to take the car to the shop tomorrow until  package #3 gets here.  Package #3 is a very expensive package, and someone needs to be home to accept it, and I will be SO mad if I am not there to get it.  So I am not dropping my car off until Package #3 shows up.  Sorry car.

And that’s about it.


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