Time To Pay The Credit Card Piper

So I almost slipped out of working out.  Right now I have completed two sets, and resting while I get ready for my third.

I hate working out so much.

But I need to do it.

Today was pretty busy, at least the first half of it.  I got my package from VCA which was VERY awesome, my necklace is very purty.  I got up a little on the early side this morning, made a cup of joe, and read the latest issue of The Economist on my front step.  The morning air was still quite cool, and it was nice to sit out there.  I think I am going to do it again tomorrow when I wake up.  While I was out there reading, Fed Ex showed up (wasn’t even 9 yet)and yay my package from VCA!  Went to Kaiser to get my Depo shot soon after.  I have changed my health insurance, so we will no longer be going to Kaiser as of October.  I am a little sad about it.  The medical office that we went to was right down the road, and it was a shiny new building with shiny new employees and shiny new conveniences.  But we were paying $251 a month.  That is going to drop by $100 a month with the new health insurance I picked out, and the only real difference is that my chiropractor visits will cost a bit more, and I will have less visits per year.  Kinda sad about that, but at least I will still be able to go once a month (right now I go twice a month).  Then I kinda hung around the house, checking on bills and organizing papers until it was time to go to Macy’s.  I had to return some bedsheets I had bought and got my brows done.  I also bought myself a couple of things from Benefit, but… Ima gonna return them.  Can’t afford what Benefit charges for mascara and a pore complexion thingy.  I will hit up Walmart for that.  Then we scooted over to the mechanics, and on the way there my anxiety is rising, as is my irritability, because I just had the car there about a week ago, spent about $1000 for an oil change, a transmission flush, rear brakes, and a new gas cap.  And the check engine light had come back on.  So luckily, I can drive the car for awhile, but it is going to have to go in the shop eventually.  This past month I have ABUSED my credit card.  If I had my way I would be eating macaroni and cheese every night, and I wouldn’t leave the house for months until I had made some headway on the amount due on my card.  Sigh.

Then once I got home, my anxiety level slowly lowered,  and now i am chill, especially since I don’t have to be at work until 3ish tomorrow, so I get another day to sleep in.  Then I have Sunday off, and that will be awesome.



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