First Week With Budget

I made it through the first week of my budget, and I have chosen Fridays as the beginning of each one since this is when I get paid.

I have allotted myself $20 a week for gas, with $40 left for groceries and such.  I also get some tip money every Monday, which averages out to about $20 a week.  So I get about $80 a week, which I think is decent.  The trick is that I pull all of it out and keep strictly cash, because I just can’t seem to keep tabs on my spending any other way.

Since I got paid today, I paid three bills,  got myself some hair dye and shaving gel for $3 and change because I had a $2 off coupon for CVS the hair dye was also on sale.  I also put $20 of gas into the car, and got 2 bottles of my fave creamer for my coffee (so that I hopefully won’t pop down to Starbucks on my days off) with a Target coupon that after that, totalled to about $3 and change.  As I paid the guy, another coupon for my very same creamer printed out so I will be able to save $1.50 on two bottles again when it comes time!

So we will see how it goes.  I really have no choice… The reason why I am doing this is to severely limit what I charge on my credit card.  What is sad is that I will not be able to make much headway on my credit card until my braces are paid for, which won’t be for about another year.  Hopefully less.


Ever since I quit smoking, I have gained weight.  I don’t eat that much, I know I should work out more, but still… I never worked out befroe anyway.

Goddamn cigarettes.  I wonder what would have happened if I had never picked up that habit.

The first time I quit, I got as fat as I am right now.  I lasted nearly two years, started smoking again, and lost all the weight.  Fancy that.


Tuesday Off

I had a wasteful/productive day.

Wasteful because I mistakenly put the wrong time into my blackberry for my ortho appointment today, so I drove to the ortho and back, furious.  Luckily, I got over it soon.  Those are the times when it is best to not be around me.  I get super mad, but like a wave crashing on the shore, it goes away quickly, thank goodness.

Productive because I got to hang with a friend, I made a long overdue phone call to Fidelity about my investments with Starbucks, shipped off a purse that I sold on Bonanza, and made dinner ahead of time so that when he calls me to tell me he is headed home, I can just pop into the oven and its good to go.

I have been sorely tempted to buy a necklace that I have been eyeing, but NOPE!  Next year.

What I Did This Weekend, In No Particular Order





Over It.

Got my finances in order.  It isn’t much, but it will have to do.

Got my bracelet in today.  I would go into more detail, but who gives a fuck?

I guess I am not going to be sick for the weekend.  Sore throat is almost completely gone.  Just my braces, irritating my mouth in one way or another.  Right now I am wearing a gob of wax on my bicuspid?  Is that right?  All I know is that it is tearing up my lip.

Working back-to-back shifts suck.  I am so tired.  But I need to not go to bed too early.  It is going to be a long weekend.

I will get over it.  I am always sad to discover that I bore the hell out of people with shit, and that I honestly have no idea that I am doing so.

Now I have even less to talk about.  How very fucking awesome.

Everybody’s Working For The Weekend

Everytime I am waiting for something, it never arrives early.  Ever.  Only twice have I ever had anything be delivered in a speedy fashion.

Even though she used Express Mail, and even though it made it from Long Island to West Sacramento in one night,  it still sat in West Sac all day today.  Gah!  Of course, the tracking said guaranteed by Friday, and believe me, I am totally happy with that, but gah!

Seriously looking forward to the weekend.  I booked a fancy hotel, Maggie will be coming along so I won’t worry about her, the weather is going to be good… I am also seriously looking forward to FINALLY checking out the infamous Folsom Street Fair.  Here is an example:

I have no idea what is going on here, but I can’t wait.  It is going to be a total psych fest.


Ok even though I just got home 40 minutes ago, I have to be in bed in 20 minutes.  Gotta be back at work EARLY!  So toodles!

Something I Quoted From The Forum I hang Out On

I wish I was as eloquent as this.  This is a quote from one of many posts in reaction to a woman who found out that her boyfriend of 7 years has a secret Twitter acount that he has been using to seriously flirt with a woman in a local video game shop:

First, where do we draw the line in the sand? I feel like women are too often in the position to “understand” why he is behaving like an idiot, to figure out some reason “maybe he is stressed/unhappy” whatever, that somehow makes the behavior almost okay or okay.

Then, we are in the position to either confront or sneak around to try to figure out what is going on, when we do, we are immediately in the position of “mommy” telling “little boy” what behavior is not okay. Why are we the enforcers of proper behavior?  Why do we not have higher expectations, that men will behave or act in a fashion that shows respect to their partner?    

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