Renting Sounds Better!

In California, property taxes equal 1% of the value of your home.  So that means that I owe $1740 this year.  That’s manageable.  However.

There is also:

  • $45.40 for W.Placer Unif B&I 1993
  • $22.84 for Placer Mosquito & Vector Control.  Ok, I actually know what this one means and where that money is going.
  • $242.96 for City of Lincoln LLD
  • $2038.60 for City of Lincoln Crossing CFD 03-1MR
  • $14.88 for City of Lincoln Benefit Asmt Dist No.1
  • $650.50 for W. Placer Unif CFD#2 MR


I have no fucking clue where this money goes to, but I intend to find out.   All in all, it totals to $4755.18.


I am seriously considering never owning a home again.  The added expenses aren’t worth it.



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