Day Before

Woek up today with a slightly sore throat.  Hoo boy, I hope I am not getting sick.  Frank’s birthday weekend is coming up.

Got to sleep in a bit, I was in bed by 11:45, up by 8ish but didn’t get out of bed until 9.  It was nice.  After this, I have a few chores to do; namely, to put away my mountain of clean clothes.  I also hope to do a little housecleaning. I work at 3:15 today, and then I have tomorrow off, so hopefully I will get some stuff accomplished before we go away for the weekend.

My bracelet didn’t arrive like I expected yesterday.  I have been constantly checking my Blackberry everytime there is a new email, hoping it is from her saying she got it and she is sending out mine.  Gah!  I really wanted to get it before I go away for the weekend.

Anyway.  Off to get some chores done, and then work time.  Really looking forward to my day off tomorrow… Hopefully they will FINALLY finish my car and I won’t need to keep wasting my days off hanging out there.



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