Something I Quoted From The Forum I hang Out On

I wish I was as eloquent as this.  This is a quote from one of many posts in reaction to a woman who found out that her boyfriend of 7 years has a secret Twitter acount that he has been using to seriously flirt with a woman in a local video game shop:

First, where do we draw the line in the sand? I feel like women are too often in the position to “understand” why he is behaving like an idiot, to figure out some reason “maybe he is stressed/unhappy” whatever, that somehow makes the behavior almost okay or okay.

Then, we are in the position to either confront or sneak around to try to figure out what is going on, when we do, we are immediately in the position of “mommy” telling “little boy” what behavior is not okay. Why are we the enforcers of proper behavior?  Why do we not have higher expectations, that men will behave or act in a fashion that shows respect to their partner?    


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