First Week With Budget

I made it through the first week of my budget, and I have chosen Fridays as the beginning of each one since this is when I get paid.

I have allotted myself $20 a week for gas, with $40 left for groceries and such.  I also get some tip money every Monday, which averages out to about $20 a week.  So I get about $80 a week, which I think is decent.  The trick is that I pull all of it out and keep strictly cash, because I just can’t seem to keep tabs on my spending any other way.

Since I got paid today, I paid three bills,  got myself some hair dye and shaving gel for $3 and change because I had a $2 off coupon for CVS the hair dye was also on sale.  I also put $20 of gas into the car, and got 2 bottles of my fave creamer for my coffee (so that I hopefully won’t pop down to Starbucks on my days off) with a Target coupon that after that, totalled to about $3 and change.  As I paid the guy, another coupon for my very same creamer printed out so I will be able to save $1.50 on two bottles again when it comes time!

So we will see how it goes.  I really have no choice… The reason why I am doing this is to severely limit what I charge on my credit card.  What is sad is that I will not be able to make much headway on my credit card until my braces are paid for, which won’t be for about another year.  Hopefully less.


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