Only A Post That I Will Ultimately Care About

I spend alot of time on this forum about shit like purses and jewelry.   Mostly, I am on it for the jewelry.  I have a thing for certain jewelry: bird and other animal skulls recreated in precious metals, nothing chunky/clunky…. I am not a slave to brands, but I like certain pieces by top designers… yet I love handcrafted one-of-a-kind items off of Etsy.

The issue that I have is trying to get nice jewelry for cheap.  My friend Jamie got me hooked on Heartsy, which is a Groupon for Etsy.  Best thing ever.  So that helps me save money on there.  I troll Ebay and Bonanza for deals on designer brands… What sucks about those sites are the people that try passing off fakes as real items…  Luckily I am pretty well-schooled between the differences between fake and authentic…

And sometimes I openly buy a fake piece.  I only buy an openly fake piece if it is a) looks exactly the same, and b) if they say that they are fake and don’t try to pass them off as real.  And, it saves me ALOT of money.  I received a fake piece in the mail today from an Ebay seller and they are GREAT fakes and SO affordable.  I honestly cannot afford anything from Van Cleef or Cartier and I won’t for awhile… so I got this fake Van Cleef piece and it is amazingly close to the real piece.  And it cost 100 times less than the real thing.

This is a pic of a lady wearing a real Van Cleef butterfly necklace...


This is the faux Van Cleef butterfly necklace I bought

I tried to take the pic from a similar distance, so even though it looks larger than the authentic one, they are actually very very close in size.


Well, I just wanted to share that.  I do own one authentic piece of Van Cleef & Arpels, and with the ridiculous price increases occuring within 6 months of each other, I just don’t know what i think of all that.  I was hoping to buy myself a piece for my birthday, but that depends if I can save up for it.


What I Did Yesterday

Yesterday was my one day off… Starting today, doing a 7 day work week.

Frank drove us in and out of SF and it was pretty nice.  The main reason why we went was because I had a ring that I was trying to sell that got sent back to me, under the claim of uncertain of its authenticity.  Of course, we also had fun looking around, had a fabulous Italian dinner that you simply cannot get out here in Placer County, and caught up and had some time with a friend who lives in SF.

So, the ring is real, probably won’t sell it, the Italian meal was DELICIOUS, I got 10% off at Ghiradheli’s by Foursquaring it, and checked out a submarine.  Not bad.


And Another Thing

Why does growing up seem to equate fucking boring?

I understand we all grow up and realize that Santa isn’t real, nor is the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy.  Ok, I get that.

But why lose out on birthday cake?  Why stop hanging out with your friends?  Why lose the magic?

The Age Is 36.

It’s mid-ish October, and I have been bugging my family about what they want for Christmas.  Well, I finally got the message.  It only took a few years for me to get it, but luckily I got the message before I got annoying and found out the hard way.

So no more Christmas gifts… I was wondering if we would be the family that would continue to give no matter how old we got, but I guess not.

And that really saddens me.

I LOVE giving gifts.  It’s something I feel that I am somewhat good at; being able to suss out what someone would really love for a gift… I had this awesome idea this year and now, well… not gonna happen.  My sister and mom no longer want gifts.  My brother doesn’t care, and my dad hasn’t given me anything in years.  I asked if we could at least exchange birthday gifts?  It looks like that is still acceptable.

So, I am not going to give anyone gifts this Christmas, or any other Christmas ever again.  Just birthdays and weddings and stuff like that I guess.  Hopefully Frank and I will exchange Christmas gifts.  I would like to get a gift for someone special in my life.



The Day After

Today went better than I thought.  I was worried that my stress would show while I was at work, but it didn’t.  I am getting better at hiding it.  I feel a little less stressed today.  I just wish I knew how to change things to make my life better here.  I need to look into the college thing…  Maybe certification is all i need right now…

I was up quite late last night, so when I finally woke up today, working out was the LAST thing I wanted to do.  I don’t have to be at work until 4 tomorrow, so I have to make sure I do it tomorrow.  Seriously.


Wish I Had Tomorrow Off To Recuperate From Today.

Been a long day.  I wasn’t nearly as productive as I wanted to be.

I printed up my two cover letters/resumes for these two seasonal jobs that I would like to get, but if I am this tired on my days off, how the hell will I be able to keep two jobs??  We will see.  Maybe I will wear my smartest Starbucks work outfit tomorrow and drop these off on my way to work.

I did manage to barely bang out my workout, though I ate like total shit today.  Speaking of which, i need a glass of water.

Ok got the water, with a little something in it to make sure i drink it.

I did manage to stop by my work, get my tips, refill my Starbucks card with $5 of only change, fill my car with some gas, and then popped over to Barnes and Noble to check out some art clay books.  I am going to buy some silver and gold art clay, make some rings and pendants, and see if that sells better than what I am selling now.  I also need to take all new photographs of my stuff.  That is going to take time, and I am going to need help with that.  My next full day with Frank isn’t until next Sunday, so I guess it will be then.

I met up with a bunch of my coworkers at the restaurant, but I felt so out of it.  It was a total struggle for me to focus on conversations.  I even left my leftovers on the table, and didn’t remember until I was nearly home, which really upset me.

Yoogi’s received my rings today.  I hope they consign soon.  I heard Cartier is raising their prices AGAIN, and I want to get my Trinity ring proper before it goes up.  Sigh.

I need to figure out how to make myself feel better.  I honestly feel so awful at times.  Ever since I moved to California nearly 6 years ago, so many crappy things have happened.  Pretty much everything that was going well in New Jersey ended once I moved to California.  Fucking strange.  But then again, 20/20 hindsight, and i can see now that there were some glaringly loud signs that I willfully ignored.  Maybe if I hadn’t ignored them my life would be a bit less stressful.  Who knows.  The ONLY thing that I can take from all of this is to pay fucking better attention and to not fuck up as badly as I have.  I just hope I learn.

The Best Thing To Come Out Of California

Work went by oddly today.  My back has been hurting alot lately; my new health care plan only covers one visit a month, and I can already tell that it is going to be tough to wait a month inbetween adjustments.  And sadly enough, I am STILL tired from working a back-to-back shift on Thursday/Friday.  Lame.  However, I am happy to report that I have the next two days off, and I plan on spending these next two days in the best way possible; my way.

So far I am liking having a Blackberry on Virgin Mobile.  I am shocked that I have already blown through nearly 200 of my 300 minutes, and it has only been 6 days!  Whoah.  I honestly do not normally talk that much on the phone, I am surprised.  So for those of you reading this that have a texting plan, just text me,  I have unlimited text. 

I sent in the bean that Frank had gotten me almost two years ago to get the chain shortened last week, and it came back an inch and a half shorter in length and the bean looks brand new!  I am amazed.  I am a teeny bit unsure of the shortness of the chain, but it definitely looks better than it did with the 16 inch chain.  And I don’t even notice that I am wearing it, which I really like.

Etsy is offering its shop owners a chance to change their shop name.  I am seriously considering it.  Actually, I am seriously considering alot of things about my Etsy shop.  First off, my stuff sucks.  My taste in jewelry has completely changed, and I have worn a few of these necklaces and notice that I am not excited by them anymore.  I also honestly feel that my jewelry is super simplistic and anyone can waltz into a Jo-Ann’s or Michael’s and make it.  The only difference in my jewelry is that I make the effort to use higher quality beads and findings.  I am going to look into a jewelry-making class at my local community college and hopefully take one next semester.  I want to get into metalsmithing because I feel that I will have a better chance with that.  First off though, I am going to try to find someone who knows how to use Art Clay.  I am going to start with that.

Oh, and the best thing to have come out of California is Metallica.



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