Here We Go Again

Two weeks ago, I reevaluated my money.  The basics: stop using the credit card unless it is for a car repair or something of that sort.  NOT for buying anymore Van Cleef & Arpels.  Live within my means.  I have been racking my brain trying to find ways to cut back.  I FINALLY found a less expensive mobile phone plan… It is with Virgin Mobile ($35 a month for 300 minutes and unlimited text, and web), I can have a Blackberry (though I had to buy yet ANOTHER phone), and though I have to pay the early cancellation fee, I am still saving $300 for the first year.  After that, I will be saving about $600 a year.  Awesome.  I reduced my contribution amount of my 401k, and I also picked a less pricey health care plan.  The last thing I can do is cut my cable bill back, but Frank needs to agree with me or it won’t happen.  I am getting super tired of paying $140 a month for cable… I never payed more than $15 a month for it before.

I have a weekly allowance, which averages out to about $80 a week…

I have already run out of money, and I left work before my tips were done today… I won’t get them until Wednesday… But I should be fine.  We had a delicious lunch at the Yardhouse Sunday, and it was fun to go to a new place.

Gah!  I hope that this is the last cellphone for awhile.


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