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Took a walk through the fog tonight.  As we were walking, I heard the coyotes howl.  It was a lovely night.

Black Friday Musings

First off, I spend alot of time on the internet.  I know this.  I am not addicted, but in all honesty, I live in an area where we don’t have to pay for our T1 connection, there is NOTHING to do where I live, and so thusly, I am on the internet alot.  I would prefer to go outside and experience some culture, but that is sadly severely lacking in this area.  So sad.  This is my primary go-to for anything that I am interested in, since I am strange and morbid and that does not fit in around here.

I happen to spend a gross amount of time on The Purse Forum.  This place is fodder for serious addictions.  Since I have been dallying around on this online forum, I have 1. exchanged Cartier Love bracelets with my SO, 2. greatly expanded my Coach collection, 3. been introduced to Van Cleef & Arpels and Rebecca Minkoff.  I better get out while I can, because this forum just feeds on itself… It is awesome and yet can also be dangerous at the same time.  Especially when you are a girl with a low paying job and a high limit credit card.

As the Black Friday extravaganza winds down, I wonder who got any really good deals.  I had Thanksgiving off, which was AWESOME.  In case you didn’t know, I work at Starbucks, and the particular one where I work at decided to be closed Thanksgiving Day, but open at 8:30pm.  Yes.  Ridiculous.  Luckily, I was scheduled to work on the actual day of Black Friday at 9:45am, which was 100% ok in my book.  From what I gathered, it was utter mayhem at my Starbucks when they opened at 8:30pm on Thanksgiving Day.  Utter.  Mayhem.  I think I would have started to throw the cups at the customers.  Empty, of course.  😉  Frank and I considered taking a drive to the mall, since the new thing for Black Friday this year was to open at midnight everywhere (hence our ridiculous opne at 8:30pm).  We decided to forgo that idea.

I found out through a fellow tPFer (that what us forum-goers call ourselves… nuts) that Rebecca Minkoff, a handbag designer that I wanted to check out but but hadn’t bought a bag from yet, was having a Black Friday sale that is actually worth the time.  It started at midnight Eastern Time, which meant 9pm for me, which was nice.  When the sale started on the RM site, it was soooo crazy that I couldn’t even load her site for a few minutes.  When I finally did, I found a dark purple bag that was a seriously good price.  I was amazed at how good her sale prices were.  I snagged it.  Mind you, I have a Coach bag already on its way to my house… Once I bought this RM purse, I knew that I had to return the Coach.  Then the next day, I found out that there had been an additional $20 coupon code that I could have used.  Darn.  I was looking around on her site, and noticed that she had added more bags to her Black Friday sale.  I was sending out a few tweets to my fellow tPFer about it.  Meanwhile, I found a dove grey one that was really nice.  I even went so far as to add it to my cart.  I hesitated though, because I already had bought one, was returning the Coach, and this was getting a little nutty.  As I was also on Twitter, I saw a tweet from RM that screamed “$50 off for the first 5 that use this code!”  First 5?  Hell, I will try!  I entered the code, and I got the extra $50 off.  Well, that was that.  I thought that was kinda cool.  I did pretty well on Black Friday, and I didn’t have any lines to stand in, and no pepper-spraying freaks out there to get me.  I am also glad that being on the internet as much as I am  actually paid off for me too.

Now I am just wiating for Frank to wake up so I can get off this damn thing and we can go make the best out of what we have outside our front door.

Happy Thanksgiving

Right now, I have my Thanksgiving food laid out and after this I am going to start preparing Thanksgiving Dinner.  I am excited, we are going to have a bunch of food; Frank has his game hen, I have my Tofurkey.  We have biscuits, greenbean casserole, stuffing, cranberry sauce, vegan gravy, sweet potatoes, and pecan pie.  I am ready to eat!

Frank is at work right now; pisses me off that he had to work.  Hopefully he won’t be home late, and hopefully that damn place won’t stress him out.  I want to provide a happy dinner!

My friend Catherine dropped by, and we chatted over coffee while I rifled through the Thanksgiving Day Black Friday Sac Bee.

I am thankful that I have all this food that I can share with a loved one.  Though my family is 3000 miles away, I called my mom and left a message.  Hopefully she is spending it with my sister.

Today I am going to gather all the purses and bags that I have and I am going to go through them and 75% is going to be gone.  I am going to bring them to work, and I am going to ask my friends and give them away.  Too many bags.  That will be one of my Thanksgiving donations.  I already dropped some food off, and donated at Whole Foods too.  I have a few more places where I want to donate…

hanging out at Coach

Money and Debit Cards

First off, watch that video.  It is kinda cute, because it is offering ideas for us to better see where our money is going.  I have been utilizing something similar in my own life…  I pull out the money I have for the week in cash, and spend it as such.  It has definitely been helpful.

Here is another article on it, I couldn’t have said it better myself:

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