Happy Thanksgiving

Right now, I have my Thanksgiving food laid out and after this I am going to start preparing Thanksgiving Dinner.  I am excited, we are going to have a bunch of food; Frank has his game hen, I have my Tofurkey.  We have biscuits, greenbean casserole, stuffing, cranberry sauce, vegan gravy, sweet potatoes, and pecan pie.  I am ready to eat!

Frank is at work right now; pisses me off that he had to work.  Hopefully he won’t be home late, and hopefully that damn place won’t stress him out.  I want to provide a happy dinner!

My friend Catherine dropped by, and we chatted over coffee while I rifled through the Thanksgiving Day Black Friday Sac Bee.

I am thankful that I have all this food that I can share with a loved one.  Though my family is 3000 miles away, I called my mom and left a message.  Hopefully she is spending it with my sister.

Today I am going to gather all the purses and bags that I have and I am going to go through them and 75% is going to be gone.  I am going to bring them to work, and I am going to ask my friends and give them away.  Too many bags.  That will be one of my Thanksgiving donations.  I already dropped some food off, and donated at Whole Foods too.  I have a few more places where I want to donate…


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