So apparently I need to go on a carb sensitive diet.  Makes sense.

I have to start off with the first two weeks only having 20grams of carbs.  That isn’t much.  Seriously.  My next day off is Monday, and that will be my official starting day, since I will be going food shopping.  I am pretty much reduced to a limited list of veggies and fruits.  Really limited.  And, mock meats, eggs, and nuts.  That’s it.  I have already bought a week’s worth of low carb food for work… For $15, I got two boxes of 100 calorie packs almonds, and two 4 packs of low carb shakes.  Sigh.  I already know tht this is going to cost me more money.  I am going to have to radically alter my food habits, and they aren’t going to jive with Frank’s and that means my meals are not going to jive well with his… Shit, what about going out?  That is going to be stressful.

I am happy that I have found something that I feel will actually make a difference in my health.  If I don’t get my shit together, I am going to have type 2 diabetes.  No fucking thanks.


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