What I Sorta Plan To Do With My Day Off Tomorrow…


Word on the street is that my sister is to be flying out here for my birthday.

I was trying to think about what I would want for my birthday, and I started getting interested in these things called Trollbeads.  There is also a company called Pandora that does the same thing, as well as a few other companies.  How it works is that you buy a metal bracelet  with a lock or clasp, and you buy beads to fill the bracelet.  I visited a shop today called The Golden Swann, apparently the only dealer within my area that sels Trollbeads, and they are AWESOME.

I bought this:

I fell in love with the fish lock!!!

I mentioned this to my sister, because I thought, “what a great idea; we can buy beads for each other and it will be a fun sister thing for us to share!” She went for it!  I was pretty excited about that.  We have been sharing pics and texts in our excitement, and I am honestly happy that we are obsessing over something together.  Now if I can only convert her to Rebecca Minkoff…

I have decided that if I like something, and I ask my coworkers or friends what they think of it, and they don’t like it, then its for me.  🙂

Seems to work out well that way.

Apparently my sister has already shot ahead and has purchased us matching beads and mine is already on its way.

I guess I am making a trip back to the Golden Swann! 🙂




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