My days off usually consist of waking up, and then making my way outside for about 6 – 8 hours, then coming home exhausted and not relaxed at all.  I usually have one weekend-day off, and one weekday.  Having split days off can be annoying; I really wish that I could have two, any two, really, in a row, because I actually get to relax.

Maybe this may not seem like much to you, but here is how my day off went:

Woke up, made coffee and breakfast, and started to look up flights for my sister to fly out for my birthday next month.  Of course the internet always hypnotizes me, so I end up on it for much longer than I plan.  Then I remember that I need to treat my orchids, because there is some sort of annoying bug on them and I manage to get one sprayed.  Then I take a much needed shower, throw on some clothes, and then we head out to take care of a bunch of stuff.  I stop at my TJ Maxx so that we can return some bedsheets.  Then I stop at my bank to deposit some money.  Then we stop at CVS because I need night cream and hair conditioner.  Then we go to Ulta, where for some nutty reason I decide to let these Urban Decay chicks put full on makeup on me.

Actually, this was somewhat relaxing, but DAMN.  Honestly, I would never wear this much makeup.  I liked the eye makeup alot, that was it.  The blush is way too much for me, the lip gloss is annoying because I can’t kiss my boyfriend if I want to, and the concealer and powder she put on my face highlighted even the tiniest wrinkle.  It was funny how she said how nice my skin was, and then she proceeds to cover it up.  And she mentioned that she was ONLY putting concealer and powder on me!  I might go back for the eyeshadow though.   It was all Urban Decay products, which don’t test on animals and I am more than cool with that.  After I took a moment, we headed off to Costco, bought what we needed, and then went to the mall to return another set of bedsheets.  We bought two, ended up liking neither.  Hah.  Then we went to the Thunder Valley casino and stuffed ourselves at the buffet.  That was relaxing, but we ate too much, and all I wanted to do was nap!  We went home, I tried to get a hold of my sister, looked at some more flights, and then left after about an hour  (with Maggie in tow) to pick up the dog food that we TOTALY forgot to get, and that we HAD to get because we were out.  Oi!  Then we went to Panera, where I had a cup of hazelnut coffee that was NOT a good idea, since I was still super stuffed from the buffet.  We met up with a friend who works at a shop where she gets a fat discount.  We gave her money to buy us this killer espresso machine that we were getting for a song.  Then we went to the Fountains so that Frank could get his oj, and I walked Maggie.  Unfortunately, it was getting dark and cold, and I was getting tired, so finally we headed home and now I am here.


Back to work tomorrow in the am.



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